History of Than Phong Australia

Master PHAN Cao Tri - founded Than Phong Taekwondo Australia Broadmeadows, Victoria on 24 September 1986. Initially, Than Phong Martial Arts School adhered to Master Nguyen Van Ngoc's Hung Vuong Martial Arts School that was part of the Chung-Do Kwan system with Master Chun Suk Suh and Master Woon Kyu Uhm, former President, Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarter.

In 1988, Master Huynh Phi Hung, who came from Tasmania, and Instructor Le Tan Dat started two new Than Phong dojang in Victoria, one in Footscray and one in St Albans.

In 1989, Grand Master Phan Van Duc (former head instructor of Than Phong in Tan Son Nhat VNCH airforce base on 1966) came to resettle in the United States. Than Phong Taekwondo Australia League has contacted him to work on the development of Than Phong's activities at an international level. In 1992, thanks to Grand Master Phan Van Duc, the name of Intercontinental Than Phong had reached Australia, France, Sweden, Canada and Vietnam.

Than Phong Taekwondo Australia League had become very strongly established. On 27 December 1992, it first organised the Australia Taekwondo Championship in Kensington, Victoria. At this occasion, there was a federal reunion of many Martial Arts Masters and instructors from interstate. On 28 December 1992 Than Phong League has worked with Master Vo Tan Loi and Master Nguyen Thanh Khiet to form the first Vietnam Taekwondo of Australia Inc. for five States: Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and New South Wales. Than Phong then formed the Victorian Federation of Vietnamese Taekwondo with Master Nguyen Van Anh as President and Master Phan Cao Tri as Vice-President.

Beginning of 1993, Head instructor Tran Han Tong, a Than Phong's offspring, opened the Thomastown 4th Than Phong Taekwondo dojang.

In 1994, Master Huynh Phi Hung moved to the sunshine state of Queensland and St Albans Than Phong Martial Arts School ceased to operate. This was a big loss for Than Phong Australia.

August 2000, Master Phan Cao Tri went to San Jose to meet with Grand Master Phan Van Duc to work on the unification of regulations and general activities under an open logo: The Planet Martial Arts Than Phong (Master Phan Cao Tri had formerly used the Than Phong logo to be with Chung Do Kwan Association). At this occasion, Professor Phan Van Duc appointed Master Phan Cao Tri as Director - Than Phong The Planet Martial Arts Australia, and awarded him with a certificate. He also awarded certificates of appreciations to head instructor Phan Cao Thuy and head instructor Tran Han Tong.

Also in 2000, Master Phan Cao Tri handed over the Broadmeadows Than Phong Taekwondo dojang to Head Instructor Phan Cao Thuy.

Head instructor Phan Thuy Khanh opened another Than Phong Taekwondo dojang at St John Church in Richmond, the capital city of the Vietnamese Community in Victoria.

Head instructor Tran Han Tong also opened a new Than Phong Taekwondo dojang at Quang Duc Temple in Fawkner.

On 25 March 2004, Than Phong's offsprings opened more martial arts schools in the neighbouring cities to develop Than Phong movement:

- Head instructor Tieu Quoc Hien and Instructor Trinh Duy Nhat: Braybrook Than Phong Taekwondo dojang.

- Head instructor Ho Manh Tung and instructor Dang Cong Hung: Brunswick Than Phong Taekwondo dojang ; and

- Instructor Paul Bui and instrutor Le Nguyen Khoa opened the Than Phong Young Dragons (Tieu Long) classes for children in Richmond.

Beginning of 2007, Than Phong Taekwondo Australia League has become part of the Australian federation system of Taekwondo Australia Ltd. This assisted the Kukkiwon black belts members with the awards of certificates of Coach, Judge and certificates of National and International Referee, and the participation of members in important national competitions.

On 30 April 2009, Grand Master Phan Van Duc suddenly passed away without leaving behind any documents including wills. During his funeral, the Council of Martial Arts Masters and Instructors has nominated Master Truong Nguyen Thuan as President of International Than Phong and Master Phan Cao Tri as Vice-President.

Back to Australia, Master Phan Cao Tri handed over the management of the Australian Than Phong system to members of the younger generation.

Head instructor Ho Manh Tung was elected by other members of the Than Phong family as President of Than Phong Australia with a strong and young management committee.

In 2010, Master Vo Hong Sinh has called Victoria home and had given his great assistance to Than Phong Taekwondo Australia for a period of time.

On 10 December 2011, the Than Phong International Conference and the 45th Anniversary of Than Phong Martial Arts School (1966-2011) were organised in Houston, Texas, United States of America. The special occasion was attended by 35 Martial Arts Masters from across all continents, including two most experienced Martial Arts Masters from Vietnam and Master Phan Cao Tri and Master Nguyen Van Tan as representatives from Australia. At the conference, the name of the organisation was changed to Than Phong International Martial Arts Federation.

The conference was officially recognised and blessed by the Governor of Texas, Mr. Rick Perry, Senator Dan Patrick, Congressman Ted Poe and the Proclamation was officiated by Annise D Parker, Mayor of Houston.

After 28 years of operation, Than Phong Australia has not stopped from developing. It has produced over two hundred members with black belts, participated in many competitions and won many important championships in Australia, Asia Pacific, US open and the world Taekwondo.

In 2013, the martial arts schools that are in strong operation are as follows:

1. Master Phan Cao Tri and Instructor Phan Hoa Hiep: Collingwood Than Phong dojang

2. Instructor Trey Duong and instructor Danny Nguyen: Brunswick Than phong dojang

3. Head instructor Ho Manh Tung and Instructor Sarah Ho: St.Albans Than Phong

4. Head instructor Pham Chi Thien and Instructor Tran Dinh Vinh: Footscray  west Than Phong Taekwondo dojang

5.  Master Nguyen Van Tan: Springvale Than Phong Taekwondo dojang. Master Nguyen Van Tan migrated to Australia in 2010 and since then has been contributing lots of techniques to Than Phong Australia

6. Head instructor Phan Cao Thuy: Yerongo Than Phong Taekwondo dojang (Queensland).

7. Head instructor Ken Tu and instructor Le Tan Dung: Springvale south Than Phong Taekwondo dojang

In the future: Start on 1st October 2016, The Than Phong International conference and the 50th anniversary of  the international Martial Arts (1966-2016) and 30th anniversary of Than Phong Taekwondo Australia (1986-2016) will organise in Melbourne- Victoria Australia

Currently, Than Phong has a reputable system. In addition to the education of young people in self-confidence and physical strength, Than Phong has also taught students the spirit of aiming at achievement of the good, and ethics to become honest persons under the following principles: Politeness, Honesty, Patience, Stoicism, Fidelity, Unyieldingness.

Than Phong International Martial Arts Federation:

USA: Houston (2), Seattle, San Jose (3), Orange County, San Diego, Nevada, Michigan, Virginia (2), Atlanta, Florida, Arizona.

Australia: Collingwood, Braybrook, Broadmeadows, St.Albans, Brunswick, Fawkner, Footscray, Richmond and Springvale in Victoria, and Yeronga in Queensland.

France: Limoges - Arches

Canada: Peterborough, Ontario — Omemee - Montreal

Sweden: Linkoping.

Vietnam: Saigon (9), Long Khanh, Hanoi (3)

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