Sunday 28th July 9.00am 6.00pm

Doncaster Secondary College, 123 Church Rd Doncaster

Individual / Team / Pair Poomse
Individual / Team / Pair Creative Poomse
Family Poomsae
Self Defence
Technical & Power Breaking
Tricking Battle

Sunday 23rd June until Sunday 14th July

Sunday 21st July
NOTE: all entries to be completed online at

2013 Victorian TAPS Open Sparring

Taekwondo Sparring Competition WTF Weight Divisions

Sunday May 26th 2013 Starting @ 08.00am

SNHC - Brens Drive, Parkville, Victoria

ENTRIES ONLINE: OPEN NOW& CLOSE Thursday May 23rd 2013


Taekwondo Victoria Inc Victorian Technical Championships and TAPS Event

Time: Sunday 5th May 9.00am 6.00pm

Location: Doncaster Secondary College, 123 Church Rd Doncaster

Events: Individual / Team / Pair Poomse Individual / Team / Pair Creative Poomse Technical & Power Breaking

EARLY BIRD ENTRIES OPEN: Thursday 4th April until Sunday 21st April

ENTRIES CLOSE: Sunday 28th April NOTE: all entries to be completed online at

Congratulations to Than Phong students who competed at the Victorian Moomba Open Championships. You did your best and we're proud of you. Following is the result:

Hieu Nguyen: BRONZE
Kenny Phan: 1 GOLD, 1 SILVER
Richard Ho: GOLD

Peter Tran and Richard Nguyen fought really well in their tough divisions up against experienced and current state and national champions. Even though, they missed out on getting medals, but they gained lots of respect from the opponents.

Special thanks to Coaches for your wonderful job preparing the fighters for competition and helping out on the day.

We'd also like to extend our thanks to parents and friends who came to support the sparring team.

Amazing team work & team spirit! Keep on fighting!

Big congratulations to Taekwondo Australia for organising, managing and their financial support which allowed the Taekwondo Australian members to compete at the 2013 US Open. Thank you Jols Australia who supported the team by supplying the Adidas Team Wear.

Final US Open medal tally
3 Gold
2 Silver
9 Bronze
. and many proud Aussie athletes who played their hearts out over the past 5 days and won the respect of the teams for their exemplary conduct and fighting spirit.

Gold: Carla DePasquale, Chelsea Trainor, Sarah Markovski (Female Junior Team)
Gold: Joseph Tamer (Ultra Sparring)
Gold: Amy Bodziony (Ultra Sparring)
Silver: Carla DePasquale (Junior)
Silver: Russell Wood (3rd Masters)
Bronze: Chelsea Trainor (Junior)
Bronze: Linda Schragger (1st Masters)
Bronze: Bronwyn Butterworth (2nd Masters)
Bronze: Robert Pace (2nd Masters)
Bronze: Crystoval CS Komala, Rachel Macintosh (Cadet Pairs)
Bronze: Josh Yeung, Denton Schragger, Daniel Smith (Male Junior Team)
Bronze: Robert Pace, Eric Phan, Dale Bryce (Male 2nd Team)
Bronze: Russell Wood, Sammy Rachelle, Brendon Leeder (Male 2nd Team)
Bronze: Joshua Yeung (Junior Sparring)

Than Phong Taekwondo Australia proudly congratulates Instructor Eric Hiep Phan on his hard work and excellent achievement. Instructor Eric Hiep Phan has won a Bronze Medal in team Poomsae at the US Open 2013. His passion in Taekwondo has brought him to success and should set an example for the juniors to follow. Congratulations!

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