2016 End of Year Notice

 We are approaching the end of an exciting and wonderful year!

Than Phong would like to take this opportunity to congratulate every student for their participation and achievements during the year. We would also like to thank all parents and guardian for your continued support and trust in the club.

Important Dates:

Last day of training in 2016 for:                         First day of training in 2017 for:

Springvale Dojang: 04/12/2016                                         Springvale Dojang:15/01/2017                        
St Albans Dojang: 07/12/2016                                          St Albans Dojang: 18/01/2017
Braybrook Dojang: 08/12/2016                                        Braybrook Dojang: 02/02/2017
Collingwood Dojang: 09/12/2016                                    Collingwood Dojang: 03/02/2017

 All students please be reminded that you are required to renew your annual insurance ($50/$60) together with your Term 1 fee ($80) to your head instructor when classes resume for 2017.

Lastly, Than Phong would like to wish all masters, instructors, students and their family a Merry Christmas followed by a fantastic start to a New Year.


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