Congratulations to 6 Than Phong students who competed at 2013 Victorian Winter Open championships this weekend. You've done an amazing job. We're very proud of you.

Richard Nguyen - Gold
Richard Ho - Silver
Sylvia Dao - Silver
Minh Do - 2 Silvers
Hieu Nguyen - Bronze
Kenny Phan - First round

Congratulations to Than Phong judges helping the competition running smoothly. You did a wonderful job. We're very proud. Special thank you to Master Tri, all parents and friends who came to support and provided delicious meals and refreshments for the team.

As always, amazing team work & team spirit! Keep on fighting! Than Phong! Pil Sung

Than Phong Taekwondo Australia would like to wish all Masters, Instructors, students and family a very happy and safe Easter. May God bless you all in the holiday season.

Please note:

- There will be NO class at Collingwood dojang on Good Friday 29/03/2013. Students encourage to train at other dojang for your grading.

- Term 1 grading will be held at Springvale dojang on 31/03/2013. The address: 1 Osborne Avenue Time : 4pm - 7pm (all students require to be at Springvale dojang no later than 3.30pm and bring your sparring gears)

Th?n Phong Taekwondo Khng Qun Trong n? l?c pht huy sinh ho?t th? thao, t?o ?i?u ki?n s?ng vui, s?ng kh?e cho m?i l?a tu?i, theo tinh th?n v h?c ?ng ph??ng. ??c bi?t cho thanh thi?u nin Vi?t Nam trau d?i v? ??c - Tr - D?ng.

T?ng H?i Th?n Phong KQ s? khai gi?ng l?p v Thi C?c ??o (Taekwondo) t?i St Albans b?t ??u ngy 27/02/2013

??a ?i?m: Holy Eucharist's hall, 1A Oleander Drive, St Albans South 3021 (Melway: 26 C.4)

Th?i gian: Th? t? (Wednesday) hng tu?n t? 7 ??n 9pm

Chng ti nh?n v sinh m?i l?a tu?i v trnh ??, mi?n h?c ph (free lessons) vo thng Ba (March) ny.

Bi?u di?n v thu?t: Lin n?m v ???ng Th?n Phong s? bi?u di?n v thu?t (??a ch? nu trn) vo ngy : 16 March 2013

Th?i gian: T?: 1pm t?i 1.30pm (Sau ? s? c th?c ?n nh?)

Knh m?i cc b?n tham gia v?i ??i gia ?nh Th?n Phong Taekwondo KQ. Mu?n bi?t thm chi ti?t ho?c ghi danh theo h?c (xin coi trong qu?ng co: Tivi Tu?n San)

Trn Tr?ng Thng Bo

Ch? T?ch T?ng H?i Th?n Phong c Chu

V S? Phan Cao Tr

On growing demand of Taekwondo in the west side of Melbourne. Than Phong Taekwondo Australia is pleased to announce the opening of St Albans dojang.

All Than Phong's senior blackbelts, colors belts are welcome to the first training section on 27-Feb-2013.

Pamphlet advertises Than Phong Taekwondo Australia club and location of our dojangs is attached for download, please print out or send to your friends.

Best wishes for our new St Albans dojang.

Ban Ch?p Hnh Th?n Phong c Chu (2013 - 2015) xin knh chc: Cc qu v? V S?, cc Hu?n Luy?n Vin, cc V Sinh, cc M?nh th??ng Qun cc Ph? Huynh Th?n Phong Th? Gi?i v c Chu: M?t ma xun Qu T? vui t??i, m?t n?m m?i An Lnh, trn ??y s?c kh?e.

Ch? T?ch Th?n Phong Taekwondo c Chu
V S? Phan Cao Tr

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