Xin cho ?ng h? vin Th?n Phong,

Trong ??i gi?i c?a TA l?n ny 10 v sinh Th?n Phong thi ??u r?t gay c?n h?n l?n tr??c. Chng ti ku g?i cc ph? huynh, cc HLV v cc v sinh hy v?n ??ng nhau t?i ?? c? v cho cc em.

??a ch?: State Netball Hockey Centre
Brens Drive, Parkville, VIC 3052 (Melway 43 D1)

Thi ??u b?t ??u lc 12pm, Sunday 29 July 2012

Gi V:  Single: $10; Family: $25; Children under 6: Free

Xin L?u : ?i t? ???ng Flemington Rd vo Elliott Ave, qu?o tri v Brens Dr. Xin m?c o c logo Th?n Phong ?? cc em ln tinh th?n.

Taekwondo Victoria Inc - 2012 Victorian State Selection Sparring Championships 

Sunday 29th July, 2012
State Netball & Hockey Centre, Brens Drive, Parkville

EARLY BIRD ENTRIES OPEN: Early Bird opens Wednesday 20th June 2012 and runs until midnight Wednesday 18th July 2012. Standard entry starts midnight Wednesday 18th July and ends midnight Tuesday 24th

ENTRIES CLOSE: Thursday May 31st 2012 - NO Entries accepted after this date!

NOTE: all entries to be completed on line at: