Than Phong Taekwondo Australia Demo Team will be performing at the Lunar New Year Festival at the following 3 locations:

Richmond - 19/01/2014: Parade from 3pm - 4:30; Main demo: around 5:30pm at main stage

Footscray - 02/02/2014: Main stage from 4pm

Sandown Racecourse - 09/02/2014: Main stage from 5pm

If you're in the location on the day, please come, watch and cheer for us.

18/12/2012 - 7pm - 9pm:
Grading for Footscray & St Albans dojangs at 1A Oleander Drive, St Albans

20/12/2013 - 7pm - 9pm:
Grading for Brunswick & Collingwood dojangs at Cnr. Cromwell St & Mc Cutcheon Way, Collingwood

22/12/2013 - 5pm - 7pm:
Grading for Springvale and Springvale South dojangs at 1 Osborne Ave, Springvale

Please note: All students to be presented 30 minutes before grading. Blue belts and above, please bring your sparring gears.

Congratulations to Than Phong TKD team (7 members) who competed at the 2013 Australian Taekwondo Festival and National Championships. It was the first time Than Phong TKD Australia participated in Taekwondo Australia’s biggest event. The team did very well and we are extremely proud of their achievements. Following are the results:

Calvin Vo: 4 Silvers (Poomsae, Sparring)
Eric Hiep Hoa Phan: 1 Silver, 1 Bronze (Poomsae)
Hieu Nguyen: 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze (Poomsae)
Julia Nguyen: 1 Bronze (Poomsae)
Kenny Phan: 2 Silvers, 2 Bronzes (Poomsae, Sparring)
Peter Tran: 3 Golds, 1 Silver (Poomsae, Creative Poomsae)
Richard Ho: 1 Silver (Sparring)


On behalf of the team, I’d like to send a massive thank to Master Tri family, Master Thuy family for allowing the team to stay at their house. They took very good care of the team. Their warm hospitality, caring and amazing support helped the team stay focus and concentrated on achieving our goals.

We are grateful to receive incredible support from parents who have traveled with the team to take care and support us. They really have given us strength and courage to perform our best at the competition.

We also acknowledge all wishes from our supporters. Your wishes really boosted our team spirit. Thank you very much!

Great fun, awesome experience, remarkable achievements!

Click here to view photos!

Term 3 grading of the year 2013 and Than Phong 28th Anniversary will be held at St Leo The Great Primary School on Saturday, 14/09/2013. Schedule as follow:



315 Mason Street
Altona North, VIC 3025 (Melway Ref: 55 C3)

Please note: All students to be presented 30minutes before grading bring your sparring gears.

Congratulations to all Than Phong students who competed at the State Selections Sparring Championship yesterday. Amazing effort from all of our fighter and coaches. Final results:

Richard Ho - GOLD

Richard Nguyen - Silver

Ricky Ma - Silver

Sylvia Dao - Silver

Kenny Phan 5th palce

Thank you to Master Tri and family, parents and friends who came to support and provided delicious meals and refreshments for the team. Brisbane, here we come!

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Congratulations to all Than Phong students who competed at today's Victorian Selection Championships. Final medal tally was 10 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze.

Eric Hiep Phan (Individual)
Hieu Nguyen (Individual, Team Creative)
Jimmy Do (Individual)
Julie Do (Individual)
Richard Ho (Individual)
Peter Le Tran (Team Creative)
Louise Vu (Team Creative)
Calvin Vo (Team Creative)
Sylvia Dao (Team Creative)
Sylvia Dao (Individual)
Calvin Vo (Individual)
Peter Le Tran (Individual Creative)
Steven To (Pairs)
Jenny To (Pairs)
Julia Nguyen (Individual)
Louise Vu (Individual, Pairs)
Peter Le Tran (Pairs)

Congratulations to Team Captain Peter Le Tran for helping and coaching teammates. You did a wonderful job.

Special thank you to Master Tri, all parents and friends who came to support and provided delicious meals and refreshments for the team.

As always, amazing team work & team spirit! Keep on fighting! Than Phong! Pil Sung

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Term 2 - 2013 Grading Photos. Thank you Instructor Sam and Instructor Suong for sending all the photos.

Sunday 28th July 9.00am – 6.00pm

Doncaster Secondary College, 123 Church Rd Doncaster

Individual / Team / Pair Poomse
Individual / Team / Pair Creative Poomse
Family Poomsae
Self Defence
Technical & Power Breaking
Tricking Battle

Sunday 23rd June until Sunday 14th July

Sunday 21st July
NOTE: all entries to be completed online at

G?m nhi?u bài vi?t liên quan ??n Vơ phái Th?n Phong và Vơ S? Tr?n Nh? ??u – m?t trong nh?ng ng??i then ch?t c?a Vơ Phái t? nh?ng ngày khai môn l?p phái. Xin nh?n vào link ?? download!

The 2nd term grading of the year 2013 will be held at ST Albans Dojang on Sunday, 30/06/2013 at 1PM. Dojang address:

Holy Eucharist's Hall
1A Oleander Drive
St Albans South, VIC 3021

Important note: All students to be presented at 12:30PM sharp and bring your protective gears.

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